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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2018/7/25

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Waste tires

Waste tires are known as black pollution, and their recycling and treatment technologies have always been a worldwide problem and a difficult problem for environmental protection. According to statistics, there are currently 150 million tires scrapped every year in the world, including about 400 million in North America, nearly 200 million in Western Europe, and 100 million in Japan. In the 1990s, the most common practice in the world was to bury or stack used tires. However, as land prices rise, it is increasingly difficult to acquire land for burial/stacking of tires. On the other hand, the accumulation of waste tires is extremely prone to fires, causing a second public hazard.


Waste tire traditional deal way

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the environmental pressure brought by waste tires is also growing. The average ratio of new and retreaded tires in the world is 10:1, while China is only 26:1. Recycled rubber production enterprises that have seriously polluted the environment have already been eliminated, and China's reclaimed rubber is still the main deep processing product used by waste tires. Many enterprises are still in the workshop production with low technical level and heavy secondary pollution. Scrap tires are scattered among the people, and there is no smooth recycling system. The transaction has not formed a market, and the recycling is difficult. The processing enterprises cannot get enough fetal sources. To this end, the State Economic and Trade Commission is currently drafting the "Management Measures for the Recycling of Waste Tires", and is also working hard to develop safety standards for tire retreading and repair.

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DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant

There are two main ways to deal with and utilize waste tires. One is the renovation of waste tires; another is the comprehensive utilization of waste tires. Renovation is the main and best way to deal with waste tires. It is to cut off the outer layer of worn tires, paste the rubber, and then vulcanize and reuse.

In the context of the enormous threat posed by waste tires to human life and the environment, we have studied and discussed their recycling. The results show that recycling waste tires has great significance and value. Waste tires  will be used again. From this point of view, recycling waste tires pyrolysis plant  plays an important role in promoting the development of circular economy. Make them available for recycling.

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