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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2015/1/27

Governments  and  local  authorities  in  developing  countries  are  largely  unaware  of the  immense  potential  of  converting  waste  plastic  into  fuel,  which  consequently remains untapped. This happens for several reasons: 

a> Technical knowledge and capacity are lacking. Good technologies have been developed  for  converting  waste  plastic  into  fuel,  but  most  of  them  have  not been demonstrated in developing countries.
b> Countries lack the capability to assess different technology options in order to select those which will be most suitable for local application.
c> Investment  capacity  is  insufficient  to  set  up  economically  and  technically  viable conversion systems.
d> Waste plastic collection and transportation systems are  not  in  place, preventing  the  creation  of  a  "critical  mass"  of  waste  plastic  that  would  make  its  conversion into fuel economically viable. 

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